September Review. From 6 Email Subscribers To 210 In 10 Days

I’m going to level with you here; I started on a whim. I’d always intended to build a WordPress deals via email newsletter, and I didn’t expect to get it done as quickly as I did. 

The whole point of is to bridge the gap between consumers and developers. By offering a WordPress deal newsletter with fantastic offers from talented WordPress makers.

The problem as I see it from a developers point of view:

  • Not all developers can market their products. It’s true, sorry if it sounds rude; it’s a fact. Some are excellent at it, others, not so much. 
  • Plugins/themes disappear into the ether (despite being awesome) due to a lack of coverage on more prominent WordPress blogs. 
  • Paying a blog for a sponsored blog post, hoping it gets some coverage, is killing some developers, with no real return on their outlay. 

Problems I see from a consumer point of view:

  • Consumers get pushed into the same old same old in terms of products. Every other WordPress blog out there recommends the same as the next and the next and next. 
  • Consumers are missing out on quality products due to a lack of coverage on more noted blogs. 

Who the heck am I to make these statements?

Who am I? I’m the guy who buys WordPress themes/plugins and services. I’m the guy who wants to find something new and exciting, which can help with blogging/design. I’m that guy.

With the above points in mind (actually niggling away), I decided to put together

The WPDeals pitch

The idea is incredibly simple. I’ve seen a lot of WordPress sites or fledging startups offering to curate the latest WordPress news in an email format, easily digestible, and to the point.

The idea has legs; who wouldn’t want top picks of news in this format? Without it being a lengthy blog post?

Then it hit me. Why not do the same with products?

Image Courtesy of Tenor (denoting my enthusiasm)
  • Products with discounts/deals, curated and put into an easy to read no-nonsense email newsletter.
  • Better yet, why not send a user a WordPress deal upon subscribing as a thank you?
  • Hell, why don’t I send four newsletters a month on a Friday, with WordPress deals I’ve managed to source from developers?
  • Plugins and themes people may not have heard of before, or established ones with unique discounts?

Working in secret

I’d secretly worked on WPDeals for probably (on and off) 3-4 weeks, maybe. I decided to launch on the 21st of September. Why? I couldn’t honestly tell you why.

Save to say; I had one developer on board with a deal. One. Nobody else, one. Risky right?

Me launching a deal via email website, with only one deal on offer? Yes, it was. I like a challenge, though.

Testing the water, then a guppy appeared

I’d made a few tweets before the launch of my idea, and a few people liked it. I even got contacted by Meg Smith Phillips from a new venture WP Guppy Tank (think Shark Tank but more friendly).

She’d seen the tweet and wondered if I’d be interested in entering my site into the mix; well, I did.

Meg was very generous with her time and gave me some ideas for, so I put together a pitch and sent it on over via their website.

I got selected for the final three!! You can’t imagine how that felt!

In the meantime, the site wasn’t even live, this was before the 21st of September.


Where was I? Ah yes, 21st of September, with one deal via email under my hat, I decided to release it into the wild!

I had everything in place, welcome email, double opt-in, and a thank you page; I spent 4 hours recording thank you videos and decided on one at the end. I think it kind of works, and I could show it to you here, where’s the fun in that? Subscribe, and you’ll see it 🙂

I tweeted the following:

Copy of launch tweet!

Since the 21st, I’ve had all manner of people who liked and retweeted it. The response has been overwhelmingly positive so far. I cannot begin to thank those who tweeted and liked it. Without you, all this would have died a death.

Six subscribers. What’s the point?

I started with six email subscribers, all of them were me testing out MailPoet (the email system I use here) to make sure it worked as intended.

It blew up—big time.

Every time I checked my site, I had a new subscriber, it was snowballing. It felt good.

  • At 6 pm UK time (3 hours from launching, I received 25 new email subscribers. It kept going.
  • September the 23rd, I’d hit 73 new subscribers.
  • September the 24th, 103 email subscribers.
  • 29th of September, 195 subscribers.
  • Right now the 1st of October?

Drum roll please…

322 Email subscribers

happy dance
Doing the happy dance, image courtesy of Tenor

I would have been happy with 25! 322? Wow, I never expected that to happen! Again it would not have been possible without the support of my Twitter followers.

I love Twitter, and it’s a great place to share ideas and reach out to others for advice; if you’re on Twitter, hit me up; I’d love to connect!

Developers got in touch

As a by-product, I’ve had several developers contact me keen to offer a deal or discount, and to them, again, I cannot thank you enough for taking part.

With fantastic savings on new and existing WordPress plugins and themes, these developers are doing me a favor, which in turn helps those who’ve signed up.

Which is, after all, what it’s all about, connecting the two.

What about stats, Benny boy? Give me the stats

I’ve tinkered around with emails; the welcome email gets sent to everyone; take a look at the below:

Email stats
Welcome email stats

These stats were as of the 29th of September, I’ve subsequently switched out the welcome email newsletter to send new subscribers an email of what the missed.

The very first deals newsletter went out on the 25th of September, see below for how that turned out, bearing in mind I only had 153 subscribers at that point:

First deals newsletter sent on the 25th
First ever deal newsletter stats

So for me, I have to concentrate on getting the engagement numbers up, getting more clicks; I do have plans and will do some testing.

Future plans for

I’d be lying if the future wasn’t at the back of my mind; it has to be; it needs to be. 

Monetization is a common question I’ve been asked of late. To that, I always answer, I have a six-month plan. 

  • I will not be charging for listings in the email newsletter, nor will I be using affiliate links in them. 
  • I’ll review this in six months, see where I’m at, see what value I’ve added to consumers, and of course, developers. 
  • I’m looking for success stories from developers and consumers; otherwise, what’s the point in all this?

Once I have a clear understanding of how has made a difference along with 6 months’ worth of stats, I’ll take a look into how to monetize it. Until then, it’s free to list on.

Are you a developer or a WordPress business?

Please get in touch with your product and what you’d like to offer; if the above sounds acceptable to you, you can reach me here.

I’d love to hear from you and, of course, work with you, so please, do get in touch!

Are you looking to subscribe to

Get on board right now, and sign up. Please don’t forget to confirm your email address! Then await an email from little old me packed with WordPress deals ready for the taking.

Subscribe today!

Signup right now, and you’ll receive an email with a deal (maybe more than one). I cannot explain it any better than that! Subscribe=deal(s).

P.s. I will be running these updates as a matter of course, comparing stats and keeping everyone informed on how the site is doing.

P.p.s I love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.