WordPress makers I want to work with you.

I want to connect with WordPress theme makers, plugin developers, service providers, and hosting companies.

work together

Are you a developer, a service provider?

Whether you’re a WordPress theme developer, plugin maker, hosting company, or offer a service for bloggers, I want to help.

We all know how hard it is to get something off the ground or attract customers; hell, it isn’t easy. WPDeals.email is my way of bridging the gap, offering your product a route to market.

Maybe you already have a successful product/service and want to increase exposure, or maybe you’re looking to add another tool to your marketing arsenal. Appealing to more customers in a way that’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg.

WPDeals.email is a newsletter service; I send out no more than four emails in any given month. Packed with deals and offers from businesses like yours.

Want me to break it down? OK, take a look at the FAQ. 👇

The WPDeals FAQ

You have questions about WPDeals, and I get that. If anything is unclear, hit me up using the contact form after the FAQ.

What kind of deals do you accept?

Limited time offers, life-time deals, discount codes, and alike.

Do the offers have to be exclusive to your site?

Yes. I don’t want generic deals that are offered elsewhere. The whole point of WPDeals is to build an air of exclusivity.

How often will you send emails?

No more than 4 in any one month, excluding the welcome email, of course :). I’ll send one out every Friday, and give people that Friday feeling.

How many subscribers do you have?

Currently I have 291 subscribers. That number is taken from the provider I use MailPoet, via a shortcode. So it will update as more and more subscribe.

Do you use affiliate links?

As the site is brand new, I don’t want the headache of affiliate links just yet. I do plan on using them in the future, though. I’d rather be upfront about it.

How much is this going to cost my business?

Currently, nothing, it doesn’t make sense to charge for deals when the site is so young. I have a six-month plan, and I’ll evaluate this when the time is right. Now, I’m concentrating on building up deals and subscribers.

I’ve read you send a deal once a user subscribes; how does that work?

Yes, I send a deal (potentially deals) to new subscribers once they’ve confirmed their email address.

It’s a great way to introduce them to what to expect. Keeps them interested and active. It gives them a reason to open the email and keep them hooked!

Heard enough and want to get involved?

I’d love to have you on board; please fill in my contact form and let me know about you and your product. What it does and what you’d like to offer.

If I’ve not heard of your product before, I may ask you for a copy to test it out.

Why? It’s not that I don’t trust you or your product; I only want to offer quality to subscribers. So don’t be offended if I ask, sometimes it could just be a case of getting a better understanding of it by testing it out.

Sound good? Then fill in the contact form, and let’s thrash something out. Looking forward to potentially working with you 🙂

Fantastic! Really pleased to potentially having you on board! I’ll be in touch ASAP, thanks again 🙂
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